Thursday, May 19, 2016

I'm making a comeback ...

I'm one of those viewers that watches every scene, every frame, every moment. Doesn't matter if I like the character, couple or story arc. I don't fast forward and I have not missed one single episode since before Luke and Laura's wedding. Yes, I witnessed what happened between LnL that fateful night at the disco and watched as Laura fell in love with her rapist. Granted, I was a young child at the time and did not truly understand the nature of what had happened, but nonetheless I was smitten with the characters and honestly, I became a fanatic when it came to the show. I thought Genie Francis was simply gorgeous and it wasn't long before I started crushing on some of the leading men.
I am a true fan. I may not be sitting in a beauty parlor under a dryer talking about the show, but I know it's history - good and bad. I've watched my favorites come and go. I've watched my favorites live, love, die and comeback. I've watched my favorites grow and digress. I've embraced some "newbies" as they've been introduced and I've loathed some of the as well. I've both loved and hated some of those considered vets or legacy. In my world, I truly believe that chemistry is in the eye of the beholder so I've loved some couples, hated some and could care less about others.
No one can change my opinion and I don't try to change others.
Some I've hated from the beginning and never changed my opinion of them. Some I hated and ended up falling in love with. Some I've loved from the moment they stepped into Port Charles and then somewhere along the way ended up hating. Some I will love no matter what- good, bad and ugly- I still ship them, even if I don't agree with their actions.
I'm not going to go through everyone I love and hate in this post because, well, it's too much. I plan to work my way back in by doing my own character profiles and then couples and then story arcs. I may start with newer arcs, couples and characters and work my way back or I may start the other way; honestly I haven't decided.
One thing I can say, GH is not the GH that it was in the 70s, or the 80s, 90s or heck even the early 2000s, but GH is still GH and I'm still a fanatic.

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