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Saturday, September 24, 2011

And then they were married ...

 WARNING: This entry is a pro-JaSam entry; read at your own risk.

Fans of Jason Morgan and Samantha McCall (JaSam) have been waiting years to see their couple finally overcome all of the obstacles they have faced and truly be happy. That happiness was found on September 22/23, 2011.

From the unconventional engagement that had the groom presenting his bride to be with a lug nut for an engagement ring, to the maid of honor losing the same engagement ring at least five times and all the other mishaps that happened, fans wondered if the actual wedding would not only take place, but if the wedding would represent who Jason and Sam really are.

Before the actual wedding so many beautiful, meaningful moments happened for the couple. Edward visited Jason and asked him to honor his marriage to Lila by giving Sam Lila's wedding band and across town Monica was asking Sam to give Jason Alan's band. The moment showed that even though Jason does not consider himself a Quartermaine he will always be a part of the family and both Edward and Monica accept Sam as a part of Jason's life.

Sam became completely overwhelmed, mostly because she is usually waiting for the other shoe to drop when she's happy. Sam has only known true happiness with Jason, but she's seen her world come crashing down on more than one occasion and often as a direct result of her own actions. Sam and Jason know that each other is not perfect and they have forgiven each other and themselves for their past mistakes. Knowing that they fully forgive, trust and love each other has led the couple to finally make a full commitment to each other.

Even when Jason and Sam were apart and supposedly hated each other, they had so much passion in their fighting those rooting for the couple to reunite couldn't deny the chemistry.

When Sam became completely overwhelmed with the wedding preparations, Jason took his bride for a ride on his Harley and the two wound up at a Chinese food restaurant.  They got more than dinner, the two tied the knot right then and there, by themselves in a truly romantic ceremony that was well, classic JaSam. The bride and groom both looked at each other with love in their eyes that most people only dream of. I have to admit, it was THE most emotion I have ever seen from Jason Morgan, aka the robot, borg, Jasatron etc... The way he looked at Sam made me wish I could find a man that loved me as unconditionally as Jason loves Sam.

When they woke up the next morning even Sam "sqeed" at the sight of hers and Jason's wedding bands. For once Sam and Jason put themselves first before anyone else and basked in the afterglow of being husband and wife, keeping everyone waiting at the church for the "wedding." There was only one person that was smiling when Jason announced a wedding would not be taking place at St. Timothy's - Carly. Even though she had gone to Sam the day before expressing that she finally understood what Sam truly meant to Jason, she looked as though she wanted to throw a party before hearing that her best friend had already married the woman of his dreams. Even Carly had to congratulate Jason during the reception.

It's funny non-Jason fans said they could no longer eat Chinese food after finding out the couple had been married at a Chinese food restaurant and JaSam fans ate Chinese food in their honor the day the couple took their vows.

If you're not a fan I'm not expecting you to see the romance behind the wedding and if you're not a fan I would never tell you that you're wrong or you obviously can't see chemistry. Viewers see what they want to see and like what they want to like. But for all the JaSam fans out there - raise a glass and chopsticks in honor of your couple.

The only question that remains now - will JaSam have the opportunity to live happily ever after? Because let's face it - in the world of soaps no couple is guaranteed absolute happiness - just ask the Sonny and Brenda fans, or the Liz and Lucky fans, or the Liz and Jason fans or the Robin and Stone fans or Robert and Holly - the list goes on and on. But for right now, Jason, Sam and their fans are going to bask in the glory of the wedding that wasn't and the marriage that is.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What if .....

 No one knows exactly how long General Hospital will stay on the air. Will the daytime soap  last one more year, five, ten, longer? No one knows not even the writers or actors themselves.

But if GH were to end in six months or a year - how would it end? I don't know for sure, but I have some ideas and thoughts on what I'd like to see and/or what I think will happen.

Let's start with the man, the myth, the legend- mob Kingpin, Michael "Sonny" Corinthos. Will Sonny die at the hands of a rival mob family or ride off into the sunset with one of his many lady loves? What I want to see happen is for Sonny to fake his own death again (remember he did it when Alcazar first came to town) and end up on one of his private islands with his one true love - Brenda Barrett Corinthos, her son Alec and their daughter Stella. I also think most if not all of that will actually come true. Both Maurice Benard and Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo have stated they would do everything in their power to make S&B be together in the end.

 This week Jason Morgan and Samantha McCall are getting married. The popular couple, JaSam, often rivals one of Jason's past pairings, Liason.

The fan base wars between both are completely ridiculous considering they are fictional characters on a show, but I digress.

With the upcoming nuptials, JaSam are heading in the direction that many fans expect them to head. The couple has been together for seven years minus the Summer of Sleaze when several characters and couples were destroyed in an agenda driven plot by former head writer Bob Guza.

But if GH were to end in six months to a year would Jason and Sam still be married? I believe they will and I believe they will have a child of their own, something they have both wanted for a very long time but were always afraid to admit it.

Speaking of Liason, where does that leave Liz? To the Liason fans out there, the reason I believe Liz and Jason will not end up together is not because I favor Jasam or not, it's because Liz herself told Jason she never really knew him and Jason in turn told her that he was not what she needed.

They both realize that a relationship between them could never work because in reality, they just don't fit into each other's lives.

But what does happen to Liz. Liz has told Robin and several other people that she is in fact still in love with former husband and fiance Lucky Spencer, but she has a budding friendship with Matt Hunter forming. What I would love to see happen is for Liz and Matt to form a true bond beyond friendship and allow Liz to be in a relationship where she is treated like an equal not someone that needs rescuing all the time.

Not too mention, I'm tired of the self-destructive relationship between LL2, unfortunately what I hope will happen won't because for some reason I believe TPTB are going to reunite LL2 for the millionth time.

 Carly Benson Corinthos Jax is a whole other story. The woman is a walking contradiction. Everything she says is the complete opposite of what she does.

She claims to hate Sonny because he "murdered" Jax, yet she knows that Jax is a live and well and ironically, even though she didn't approve of Sonny's methods, she was in fact the one that unleashed Sonny on Jax. She went to Sonny crying that Jax was suing her for custody of their daughter, but then she called Sonny out on his actions. Umm, the woman was married to Sonny four times what exactly did she think was going to happen?

Carly will either end up with Jax in the end or alone and personally after all the crap she's pulled, I'm hoping for the latter. Carly barks at every woman in Jason's life because he's her best friend. She knows no boundaries when it comes to Jason and she does the same thing to Sonny - even when she claims to hate him she still thinks she's the only one that's able to live with him and tolerate his actions even though all of a sudden she claims Jax was the best thing to happen to her.

Then we have the Davis girls, will Alexis finally find a man to make her trust in love again? Will Kristina truly win over her hearts desire- Ethan? And will Molly ever see her father again? I'm sorta hoping that if GH were to end in six months or a year that TPTB would some how, some way get Wally Kurth to reprise his role of Ned and finally reunite him with Alexis. Call me sentimental but I loved classic Ned and Alexis more than I loved classic Ned and Lois.

I would love more than anything for Krissy to form a real relationship with her father, Sonny, first before she winds up in a relationship with Ethan or any other boy. Maybe if she mends her relationship with Sonny she won't feel that she needs to be a doormat for every guy she's interested in. And poor Molly, she really doesn't even know her father, why can't Ric come back to town? Maybe he can come back a changed man and sweep his ex-wife, Elizabeth off her feet. Ooo, yeah I would love me some LiRic.

There are many more characters and families that would be impacted at the end of GH, like the Quartermaines, Scorpio-Drakes, Luke and Tracy, Lante, SpiXie and so much more. Will the Qs all be killed off? Will Luke and Tracy remain married or would Luke reunite with the other half of daytime's first super couple- Laura? Will Robin and Patrick stay married? Would Robin die of her HIV status? Will Dante and Lulu stay together and end up married or will Lulu reunite with her first true love - Johnny? Will the Zaccara's get killed off by Sonny's men or if Sonny were to fake his death would the Zs then control mob activity in PC? Would Maxie actually marry her non-husband Spinelli or would she fight for her current boyfriend Matt? Could Maxie actually realize she still loves Lucky and once again make a play for him?

What do you think? How would you like to see General Hospital end? What do you see playing out for the characters and couples?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why not Megan Ward?

Disclosure: I do not like the NuKate so be forewarned this blog is going to be brutally honest. 

Ok, so I get that bringing back Kate Howard is supposed to be part of the story arc to bring Sonny back from the brink of insanity, but I'm sorry Kelly Sullivan is not the right person to be playing the role.

From the first scene of her barking on her phone in the elevator, I knew I would not like this recast. She not only over acts constantly, but her facial expressions are just horrid. TPTB really made a mistake when they hired a woman at least 10-years younger than the original actress. They put make-up on her that makes her look all pasty, not older and she does not pull off fashion ice queen the way Megan does.

I said today that this NuKate makes me want to gauge my own eyes out and shove something sharp into my ears. Her voice, her facial expressions and her over acting really does not make me want to watch her and considering Sonny is my all-time favorite male lead it's going to be like fingernails on a chalkboard watching this story arc play out.

I'm glad Sonny is going to have someone in his corner finally, but I'm sick of the writers rewriting Sonny's history to suit their needs. Brenda is not and was not a fantasy; Sonny has loved her for most of his life and no woman will ever compare to her in Sonny's eyes.

I wouldn't care if it was Megan in the role, the things Olivia said today about Connie being the only one to talk Sonny down is a complete slap in the face to S&B's history and story. Where were the Falconeris when Sonny was talking about Bensonherst with Lois? Do TPTB really think viewers of GH will simply disregard history because they want something new to happen?

But, I digress, back to the topic. Why did they recast Kate? Was Megan even asked to reprise the role? Why didn't Megan come back? The NuKate is just as horrible as Jennifer Bransford's version of Carly. She just does not do the part justice. People keep saying they're going to give her time, but com'on how long did JB last as Carly? I'm hoping Kelly doesn't last as long as Kate and Megan is brought back. No offense to Kelly, I'm sure she's a sweet person and all, but seriously she needs to change the way she plays Kate because she's not pulling it off. She's making me want to fast forward through all of her scenes. 

I just can't, I just can not get into this woman, she's horrible. I can't give her a week or even another day, I just cringe whenever I see her on my TV screen. I haven't felt this way since Tamara Braun was in the role of Carly, at least JB only lasted a short period, TB tortured me for years.

I just want Megan back, she is the one and only Kate Howard. She made me like her even though she was bitchy and snobby because she is that good. I may be a die hard S&ber, but I would welcome Skate 2.0 if Megan was in the role. Kelly just makes me dread the upcoming story arc. Maybe she'll realize that she's playing the role horridly and start making the character her own, if not I'm screwed because I won't be able to enjoy Sonny.                                                                                   

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lulu: Can she find herself?

What has happened to Luke and Laura's daughter? She certainly does not have any resemblance of her mother.

Laura would never defend Luke's role in what happened to Jake. Laura would never simply forgive Elizabeth for pitting her two sons against each other, regardless of who blamed who.

Laura would never ask Lucky or anyone else to compromise upholding the law to make Lulu feel better by divulging information pertaining to a case. Laura would have faith in her son, Lucky, and support him rather than berating him for accepting a challenging case.

Laura would never have lied to Lucky about the real paternity of Jake and act as a go between for Elizabeth and Jason the way Lulu did.

Watching Lulu list the reasons (actually lies) that has her breaking up with Dante simply reinforced why I hate/despise/loathe her so much. While I don't think Dante is completely innocent in some of the lies; Lulu HAS to respect his position as a cop if she has any respect for him at all. Where does Lulu get her holier than thou attitude anyway? Oh, that's right from her "other" role model Carly. Lulu lied and schemed to break-up GQ. She allowed Johnny to cover up her role in the death of Scotty Baldwin's son and Lulu's ex-boyfriend Logan.

Lulu even went screaming to Carly the night Michael was shot in the head to protect her then boyfriend Johnny- gee, didn't Carly get raked over the coals for going to Jason the night Jake was killed to ask him for Jake's kidney's for her offspring? Yup, Lulu is the mini-Carly. Then, when Dante tried to do the right thing by getting Michael to confess to Claudia's murder- which he did to protect his mom and new sister, Lulu again ran to Carly to protect Dante when Michael was sent to prison.

Lulu needs to find herself and become her own person before she becomes friendless in PC. I'm surprised even Maxie is still talking to her. Gee, again mini-Carly. The only friend Carly ever truly had was Courtney and that's because she was Sonny's sister. Who is Lulu's one and only true friend??

Friday, September 2, 2011

The war is beyond getting old

 The fan base war between SamFF/LizFF/JaSamFF/LiasonFF is really out of control.  I don't blame all fans of the fan bases or even one fan base more than the other, but seriously do viewers not realize that all of the characters and couples are fictional? They are not real. They are not your friends, family, boyfriends or girlfriends- they are characters on the fictional soap General Hospital.

Courtesy of @AyshenRocks
Some fans blamed Kelly Monaco and verbally attacked her and her mother when Becky Herbst was fired from GH a few months ago, now those same fans are starting petitions to have Kelly fired so they could have their favorite couple, Liason, reunited. It's appalling, disgusting, disgraceful and honestly I'm pretty sure Becky and Steve Burton would be ashamed to have their fans acting like this. Especially since Kelly and JaSam fans joined in the fight to save Becky from losing her job.

I don't blame fan bases for wanting to have their faves together or in a great story line, front and center, but calling for another actress or character to be fired or killed is just juvenile. And even if said actress or character were to go - it does not mean you will automatically get your favorite back together.

Not every fan base can be happy all the time, but that doesn't mean the actors should be blamed. The last time I checked Kelly, Becky and Steve were paid to play fictional characters, they are NOT writers, producers or directors of the show. They play the parts of Sam, Liz and Jason respectively. Steve can not dictate who Jason's leading lady is, neither can Kelly or Becky.

I'm not a Liz fan or a Liason fan, but I am friends with A LOT of LizFF and LiasonFFs, the sane ones at least and I'm also friends with A LOT of Sam and JaSam haters, but we understand that not everyone is going to like the same couples or characters as we do and we understand that the characters are not real. 

People that can not let go of the fact Liason is not together at this point in time really need to have their heads examined. Neither Liason nor JaSam affects the ratings positively or negatively on their own. The show itself has many different characters and couples. Liason and JaSam are not going to cause GH to get canceled or renewed at the end of the contract. It's amazing, but there are other characters and couples that are on the show. GH is not just about Sam/Liz/JaSam/Liason; there's way more going on than just them. 
There's S&B versus CarSon; Lante versus JoLu; SpiXie versus M&M oh and let's not forget LL2 verus Liason and LuSh. There are some SamFFs that hate JaSam and some LizFFs that hate Liason. Chemistry is in the eye of the beholder.

But regardless of which couple(s) or character(s) you ship, grow up and realize that the actors/actresses portraying said couples and characters are friends in real life and probably can't believe how childish their fans are. If you don't like the direction of the show, stop watching it; don't petition to have someone lose their jobs. 
Courtesy of @MaryJaSamFan12
 Those wishing Kelly harm simply because they want Liason back together or wishing Becky harm because they like Sam better than Liz really need to have their head examined and in all honesty need to grow the f* up! Take your hatred and use it to change the world. Use your hatred to protect children from child abuse. Use your hatred to shelter the homeless. Use your hatred to save animals from abuse. Use your hatred for something positive in the world, not on a FICTIONAL SHOW AND/OR CHARACTER(S).

Sonny versus Carly; Toxic or Soul Mates?

 Michael "Sonny" Corinthos is one of the most complex characters on General Hospital. His fans love not only the character, but the actor that plays him, Maurice Benard. But to love the character can cause some heartache because on almost a daily basis Sonny is blamed for something in Port Charles.

Sonny is a mob boss that carries the weight of everyone on his own two shoulders. He is not perfect and does not claim to be. He loves the women in his life and all of his children. He is loyal to almost a fault because he will do anything to make sure those he cares about get what they want, but on the same flip of the coin will make sure his enemies get what they deserve as well.

Sonny does not make decisions simply to hurt people, he does what any mob boss would do; protect those he loves, his territory and his organization. Nobody claims that Sonny is perfect, especially himself but is he really to blame for everything that's wrong in PC?

Sonny has never claimed to be anything he is not and never claims to be innocent of his actions - he takes responsibility for the decisions he makes and carries the guilt if anyone he cares about is hurt.

Some claim that Sonny ruined Carly, but I don't see it that way. Carly was damaged before she ever met Sonny. Carly came to Port Charles to get revenge on her birth mother Bobbie by seducing her husband Tony Jones - she succeeded. It was Carly that drugged AJ, it was Carly that shot Tony in court, it was Carly that has tried to stop Sonny from being happy with any other woman than her.

Alexis was right when she told Carly that she had enabled Sonny for years and that Carly was to blame for Sonny's actions against Jax because Carly was the one that unleashed Sonny, full well knowing how much Sonny hates Jax and how Sonny tends to deal with his enemies.

Carly always runs to Jason or Sonny to help her with her problems, but then lashes out at Sonny when he does help her. If Jason had disabled the plane so Jax couldn't take off and Jax still hot wired the same plane and crashed, Carly would be kissing Jason's feet with gratitude for helping her, but because it was Sonny; Carly called him a bastard and slapped him across the face. She then cut Sonny out of her life and demanded her kids and Alexis do the same.

Sonny did not kill Jax or attempt to kill him when he disabled the plane. Sonny was trying to prevent Jax from leaving town with Carly's daughter. Even Dante admitted that what Sonny had done to plane did not cause the crash, but for some reason Carly still blames Sonny for everything.

I used to love Carly when Sarah Joy Brown was in the role. SJB made Carly likable regardless of her misdeeds because that Carly was vulnerable and had low self-esteem. But Tamara Braun and Laura Wright have made Carly into a jealous, vile beast that doesn't give a crap about anyone or anything besides Jason and her hatred for any woman that Jason chooses to be with. I find Sonny to own his own actions, while Carly blames everyone else without a blink of the eye.

I find CarSon extremely toxic to each other and really wish they would both cut their losses and learn to co-exist without causing each other any more damage.

I know CarlyFFs are not going to like my opinions of her, but they are just that my opinions. I do however welcome a healthy debate about both characters.

Please leave some comments so we can discuss CarSon.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Life of Jason Morgan ...

At first I wasn't sure what to expect regarding the dreams about Jason while his surgery was going on. I was hoping for the best, but given recent General Hospital writing I truly was fearing the worst.

I was pleasantly surprised by the way the dreams played out.

Liz and Jason aka Liason, showed how Liz always wanted and expected more out of the relationship with Jason, when he knew it wasn't what he wanted. It wasn't a slam to Liason or their fans, it was a way of showing that no matter what - Jason was not the man Liz was looking for and he told her such when she stated that she never really knew him.

The Carly and Jason dream aka Jarly, honestly didn't mean as much to me with Laura Wright in the role. I still have not sympathy for the screaming vile banshee. I miss Sarah Joy Brown, who to me is the one and only Carly. But, I can definitely see why the writers gave Carly a fantasy. We all know that in her deepest of hearts, Carly would rather be with Jason than any other man on the planet. What I hated about her fantasy was that Sonny was dead. Does she really wish that fate on one of the father's of her children? I've lost all respect for the character and glad that Jason walked away from her in her fantasy and when "real" Jason spoke to her he said that they would always be friends, but she needs to live her life for her - or in so many words. I can only hope that Carly learns from her dream and allows Jason to be happy in his own life and respect his decisions.

The Quartermaine dream was simply outstanding because it was the Qs. I've longed to have the Qs back on my screen, but unfortunately Lila and Emily were missing.

But seeing Jason still not perfect in Monica's dream was icing on the cake. Having him rebel by becoming a cocaine user was pure genius in my book. I especially liked when "real" Jason told "real" Monica she needed to let him be who he is. It was fitting because I think in the long run, Monica is going to accept Jason for Jason and we will start to see more of a family relationship between Jason and the Qs again.

Sam's dream was the best for this fan. Spotlighting JaSam as who they are, in love and still adventurous. But the best part it was when Sam took a picture of Jason and said she wanted to capture him when he found out he was going to be a father! Yup, in Sam's dream they are going to be parents - FINALLY!

It was so cute seeing Jason rub Sam's belly and her taking a picture "First Family Photo."

When "real" Jason showed up, "real" Sam asked him if this was what he really wanted, in which he said, as long as he was with Sam he would be happy. They have the most amazing chemistry.

Another way Sam's dream stood out from the other's was that Sam cared about what Jason wanted and didn't try and change him or their relationship to simply what she wanted. Liz, Carly and Monica all made Jason into a version of what they wanted from him, not who he is. That speaks volumes to this fan.

But even more than the dreams it was the montage that really made this episode one of THE best episodes in recent history. The montage showcased Jason's life in reverse all the way back to the car accident and thankfully it showcased his relationship with Robin Scorpio-Drake. The only fail of the montage was leaving out Emily, Courtney, Sonny and Spinelli - those four characters had a major impact on Jason and who he is today.

If this is only the beginning of what new head writer Garin Wolf has to offer - he has me 100 percent hooked again. I love where the stories are headed and can't wait to see how they all turn out. Thank you Garin for making General Hospital fun again!